Mindful Communication
What is mindful communication?

It is a combo of Mindfulness and Non-violent Communication.
Jon Kabat-Zinn brought mindfulness to the west as we practice it in my classes.
Marshall Rosenberg developed Non-violent Communication in the 60's.
Both are sound, wise, well-researched..
The goal is to create a peaceful world - whether that world is our own relationship with ourselves or others, or our relationships in the community or our country or our world.

Like mindfulness, it is simple but not easy. In my group classes, we practice a lot so that you can take it home and do it - with your partners, your children, your families, your neighbors and the rest.

Life does not have to be so very difficult. 
This is about making life more wonderful. 
Like mindfulness, it takes practice.
Like mindfulness, it requires patience.
Like mindfulness, it is about being present and showing up for our lives.
It is about seeing our judgments and their impacts.
It is about living intentionally and compassionately and feeling good.

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I am here to help you make your life more content, more peaceful, more healthy. Together we can do it!