A big hello to you from wherever you are checking in. Welcome to my website.

I am a healer-psychotherapist working in Guelph, Ontario, Canada mainly. However, I do see clients from all over and I do travel the world giving presentations and workshops and am occasionally available for online and telephone counselling.

It can be a big decision to finally make that call to change your life, to admit that things aren't exactly the way you would like and that way down deep someplace, there is  a painful little spot calling out for your or someone else's attention.

From informal surveys carried out by a colleague and myself, we have concluded  that most people wait two years before actually picking up the phone and making the commitment. By this time, the pain has become great and  therefore is the main motivator for the call!

You don't need to wait two years. You can call for an assessment. You can call for a chat. You can call for information. You can sign up for a group and ease your way in gradually.
I am hoping that my website, though still a work in progress, will help you to understand some of the services I can offer you. I also hope that you won't let anything hold you back from getting  help to get to know yourself better or just to explore some issues and deal with some concerns.

Be well.
And enjoy your visit,

To contact me right now, please email me at bwmindfulness@yahoo.ca