Why Practice Mindfulness ?

Because it is healing. Because it feels good.

We are amazing beings. Perhaps, you remember, as a child, scraping your knee. Before you knew it, there was a scab and then again, before you knew it, it healed leaving only a scar.

Our insides work the same way. Our broken hearts and emotional wounds will heal, given the right conditions.

Mindfulness can create healing conditions. New awareness gives us options we did not know we had.

Some people say being mindful helps them to relax. It stops that chattering monkey voice in our heads. Some say it helps them to sleep better.

Other people say that their anxieties and panic lessen.

Some find that they generally feel more alive, more focused, and that their memory improves.

Mindfulness based stress reduction has been tested and found to be effective in helping people deal with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, even the body's ability to rewire the brain for happiness.

Mindfulness practice means "just doing it" - sitting with yourself for a period of time everyday and practicing awareness.

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